When Zybreyah came to The Arc Kohler School, there were many goals her mom wanted her to achieve – from walking to eating and drinking more independently. Walking through the halls of Kohler on a tour, Zybreyah’s mom slowly had her fears subside as she saw a student very similar to her daughter walking down the hallway on his own.

“We felt immediately at ease seeing other children excel at Kohler. Here was this little boy, so similar. He [the child] was walking, on his own, and we knew Zybreyah could do that too if she had the opportunity to attend Kohler.”

Zybreyah has demonstrated so much success at Kohler and her mom credits this to the holistic experience she gets here. There is emphasis on cognitive skills and academics, not just attention to medical needs or “getting through the day.” As a pre-school student, Zybreyah attends physical, occupational and speech therapy – individually and in groups. Her mom also credits Zybreyah’s work in PT for her new ability to walk around, go up and down stairs and even ride a tricycle: “I know Kohler is the biggest reason Zybreyah has come so far in such a short period of time.”

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