who we are

our philosophy

In order to meet each child’s unique needs, an individualized and tailored education plan is developed by a therapeutic team consisting of a special education teacher, speech and language pathologist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, registered nurse and teacher’s assistants.

We believe that children learn from each other, as well as from adults. Using the collaborative model, an individual education program is developed by the team and family in which students are exposed to all core curriculum content standards for their grade level.  The methodology varies based on the individual learning style of each student, combining individual therapy, differentiated instruction, collaborative therapy, skill-specific groups and individual instruction.

The collaborative model provides frequent opportunities for students to learn skills as part of the routine activities of the classroom, as therapies are provided on an integrated basis, both in and out of the classroom.  The varied exposure increases retention and generalization of skills.

Students are assigned to classes consisting of similar age students within the state guidelines and federal mandates.  Classes consist of children with varying degrees of physical and cognitive abilities, mirroring the inclusive model mandated by the federal government in the public school system.