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collaborative model

The Collaborative Model is a transdisciplinary approach that  integrates therapies and educational services in the school setting.  The model is based on a team approach that includes teachers, therapists, teacher’s assistants and other support personnel. The team collaborates on a weekly basis to develop creative strategies that apply their clinical expertise to the natural environment; i.e. the classroom, home and community.  The model also recognizes the family as an integral part of the team who knows the child best and whose input and cooperation is essential and invaluable to team planning.  The Collaborative Model allows teachers, therapists, teacher’s assistants and parents to learn from and mutually support one another as they all work towards a common goal of maximizing each child’s potential.


Every Arc Kohler School student has a very unique and individualized educational program that is developed by a team of experts who utilize a multi-sensory approach that includes:

  • Alignment with Common Core State Standards and Essential Elements
  • Progress- and Theme-based planning
  • Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (ABLLs)
  • Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLs)
  • Additional curricular resources including: EdMark, SRA, Handwriting without Tears, TouchMath, and Autism Helper Life Skill & Work Task

A combination of individualized instruction along with small- and whole-group differentiated instruction is utilized to accommodate the learning styles of each student and give them an inclusive school experience with their same-aged peers.

therapy services

Within the Collaborative Model, therapies become an integral part of the curriculum and the educational program.  As our therapists work closely with parents and teachers, creative strategies and treatments are developed that apply our clinical expertise to the natural environment, i.e. the classroom, home and community.  Our speech, occupational and physical therapists work collaboratively to meet each child’s individual needs and maximize their potential.

Speech, occupational and physical therapies are each part of every student’s education program.  Our approach is multisensory with an emphasis on total communication for the development of speech and language. Staff also teach new and positive skills to effectively change challenging or inappropriate behaviors through the use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles.

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