In search of the best education for her son, Elizabeth Marroquin discovered, “the place they found hope,” when they walked through the doors of The Arc Kohler School. That was over a decade ago. Now, Mark’s mom says he is a walking example of the Kohler difference.

“Before finding Kohler, I was lost, desperately searching for answers and direction,” Marroquin said.

Mark was diagnosed with autism, and at the time of his admission to Kohler, autism spectrum disorders were not as widely known. At 3 years old, Mark had behavioral and social challenges that impacted his ability to learn.

Marroquin said he grew substantially during his time at Kohler.

“Thanks to Kohler’s therapists, his attention and behavior changed totally.  He wouldn’t look at people’s eyes when spoken to, he had temper tantrums constantly and would not stay focused on one thing at a time,” she said.

Now, at the age of 21, Mark not only communicates more effectively than ever, but he studies languages and is majoring in Arabic. He attends Rutgers University where he currently earned a scholarship to attend Amman University for 1 month to intensively focus on that.

Marroquin reflected on Kohler School as she shared her son’s exciting news.

“I truly believe Mark is where he is today, in part, because of what Kohler gave to him and, really, to me,” she said. “They believed in him… and look how far he has come.”

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