In 2015, Leo had many self-injurious behaviors, but through intensive ABA programming with Jill Davis, The Arc Kohler School’s BCBA, he has improved dramatically.

“When I first began working with Leo his rate of self-injury was very concerning,” Davis said. “Fortunately, by implementing a behavior plan that included antecedent manipulations, functional communication, and steps to ensure that problem behavior no longer met with reinforcement, Leo’s rate of self-injury is currently at near zero rates with a significant decrease in severity.”

Leo’s mom, Antonella, says things at home have changed for the better for Leo as well.

“The changes that I have noted at home are that he is sleeping better and through the night and overall he seems happier,” she said. “He has also been a bit more consistent and generally well. I am so happy to hear how well he is doing in school, and cannot believe how much progress he has made in such a short period of time.”

It is truly amazing that Leo’s self-injury is almost virtually non-existent at this time.

Kohler School is proud of his progress and cannot wait to see what else he accomplishes!

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  • Antonella

    We are so proud of you Leo! You have come so far and we know you will continue to blossom. We love you so much! Love, mommy, daddy and Joey xoxo

  • Kara

    To see Leo grow EVERY DAY is a truly rewarding experience. He is a wonderful student, and the entire staff at Kohler is so proud! Way to go, Leo!

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