When Jonathan’s teacher, therapists and family members are asked about him, they all have the same reaction – a huge smile comes to their faces. Jonathan, a student in the pre-school/kindergarten class, at Kohler, has already made huge accomplishments since he first began school, and is evidence of the great things the students at Kohler can do when given the proper tools to succeed.

As a teacher herself, when Jonathan’s mom was looking for a school for him, she knew he needed something that would be the best fit for him. She encourages other parents to consider Kohler, and to ensure the best fit for their child and his or her needs. “We knew that with the right attention and help from teachers and therapists that Jonathan could become more and more independent and motivated to do new things. The Arc Kohler School seemed like the best fit for Jonathan because the children there seemed to be motivated and happy.  That’s what we wanted for Jonathan.”

Jonathan’s mom tells us that, “Our goals for Jonathan’s education are to be in a school where teachers and therapists know who he is, and they are in contact with him frequently. We would like him to become more independent and socialize appropriately with his classmates and peers. We chose The Arc Kohler School because we liked how it was a small, more specialized school. We knew Jonathan would get the attention he needed here and wouldn’t be overwhelmed like he may be in a bigger school.”

Jonathan’s family, speech therapist and teacher have already seen major accomplishments with regard to his receptive language and understanding of what is being said to him. His mom says that, “He is non-verbal so we don’t always get a verbal response, but he may respond by laughing, mimicking sounds, smiling, or even doing what we ask like ‘come here,’ or ‘drink your juice,’ and it has also been seen with such a great improvement in his attention and understanding.” This is something seen at school as well. Whether Jonathan is in a physical therapy session or in the classroom, his level of engagement has increased dramatically and he always presents with curiosity and positivity.

The staff at Kohler gets great joy out of seeing Jonathan every day, as he continues to grow. “You cannot help but feel your own face light up every time you interact with him,” says his teacher, “he grows every day and does so with a smile on his face.” Students like Jonathan exemplify that through hard work, and heart work, every bit of progress is meaningful.




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