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The Collaborative Model

The Collaborative Model is a transdisciplinary approach that  integrates therapies and educational services in the school setting.  The model is based on a team approach that includes teachers, therapists, teacher’s assistants and other support personnel. The team collaborates on a weekly basis to develop creative strategies that apply their clinical expertise to the natural environment; i.e. the classroom, home and community.  The model also recognizes the family as an integral part of the team who knows the child best and whose input and cooperation is essential and invaluable to team planning.  The Collaborative Model allows teachers, therapists, teacher’s assistants and parents to learn from and mutually support one another as they all work towards a common goal of maximizing each child’s potential.

To: Arc Kohler School Staff

We, the family of Tylor, would like to Thank You for all the love and support that you have given us Thank you from Monica & Tylorin the last 8 years.

We will miss you all so much.

When I say, "We are going to miss you ALL," it takes the breathe out of our bodies. No one could ask for a better school.

You are the Best!

Not only did you support Tylor, but you also supported me, "Monica" and have helped to motivate me and have given me strength.

I can not say Thank You enough,

- Monica and Tylor